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About Us

Our Mission

  • To form a representative organization of Christian Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Agriculturists of all categories.
  • To promote fellowship brotherhood among members.
  • To harmonise relationships between members and other similar associations.
  • To liaison between the members and the government, quasi-government, and other agencies in matters of common interest.
  • To encourage and promote entrepreneurs in generating employment potential, especially for youth and to encourage and assist new entrepreneurs by promoting their activities in the field of business, trade, industry, services and professionals.
  • To develop, promote and update technical managerial, entrepreneurial and financial knowledge, information, know-how and skills of members and others.
  • To guide and assist the members and others in their entrepreneurial problems.
  • To acquire and disseminate information regarding laws, rules, regulations, notifications and amendments thereto having any bearing on conduct of business, trade, commerce, industry.
  • To inform the members and others about available government facilities through various schemes, grants and subsidies, and about such facilities available from any other source.
  • To publish and circulate books, periodicals, newsletters from time to time and through them to make available to its members and others information and material useful for them in promoting entrepreneurial activities.
  • To encourage setting up of co-operatives and trusts for furthering of these objectives.
  • To promote trust, to establish and maintain professional colleges and institutions and to assist financially or otherwise deserving individuals to attain technical and professional education, knowledge and training.
  • To establish or formulate ways, methods or systems, including forums, to help to resolve entrepreneurial disputes and differences between individuals and entities, whether members or not.
  • To affiliate, co-operate, co-ordinate or federate with similar associations and organizations of entrepreneurs having similar or more or less similar objectives as RACHANA.
  • To recognize and honour and thus encourage persons who have made outstanding contributions to or achievements in the field of entrepreneurship, agriculture, profession etc.
  • And finally, to do all such other things as may be consistent with or expedient to the furtherance or attainments.


RACHANA, formed in 1999, is the Mangalorean Catholic Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mangaluru. Its objectives are to Represent, Develop, Educate, Honour, Award and Promote the interests of Catholic Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Agriculturists hailing from Mangalore spread all over the world.


RACHANA has, over the past 23 years, introduced and taken forward the following activities – to promote its noble objectives:

  • Rachana Awards (Rachana’s Flagship Activity)- to recognize and honour
  • Rachana Entrepreneur Development Cell – to Develop and Support budding entrepreneurs
  • Rachana Senior Citizens’ Welfare Trust – to Improve the quality of life of senior citizens
  • Lecture Meetings – to Congregate, Educate and Inform Members
  • Publication of “The Rachana World” – A Quarterly Newsletter – to Educate and disseminate information
  • Interactive meetings with State and Central Governments