Membership Fee:

Corporate Membership:                                      Rs 25,000.00
Co-operative Society / Partnership Membership:  Rs 25,000.00
Life membership (Individual):                              Rs 2,500.00 + 100 Admission Fee

Membership Application

The Secretary
Catholic Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Bishop's House
Mangalore 576 003

(Please use capital letters)

Dear Sir, I,
wish to be admitted as Member of RACHANA in accordance with its Rules & Regulations. Please find enclosed herewith cash / D.D. / Cheque No
drawn on
Branch as my Admission fee of Rs. 100/- (Rupees one hundrad only) and membership* of Rs.
). I agree that the Memorandum of Association and Rules & Regulation of 'RACHANA' as amended from time to time shall in all respect are binding on me.
Qualification :
Parish :
Father's / Husband's name :
Date of Birth :
Occupation :
Telephone :    (R): (O): (M):

Email ID :
Name of the Proposer :
I request you to place this application before the Governing Body of RACHANA with a view to admit me as a member. I agree that the decision of the Governing Body as to my admission to the membership or otherwise shall in all respect be binding on me.
Date :